Daniel Kitson @ Tobacco Factory Theatre (Preview)

Daniel Kitson
Here’s some exciting news that nobody’s talking about – Daniel Kiston is doing a short tour of warm up performances of his new stand-up show Where Once Was Wonder which is stopping off at The Tobacco Factory Theatre on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

If you haven’t heard of Daniel Kitson, he’s probably the best comedian you’ve never heard of (if you have then you already know he’s a very funny man) and is regularly named by other comedians as their favourite stand-up. Don’t think that his lack of prominence are largely because he doesn’t do TV and that those that do know of him tend to buy out his shows before anyone new can get a look in. I saw one of Kitson’s previous shows The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church at the Tobacco Factory last year and it was one of the best things I saw anywhere all year.

These preview/work in progress shows are on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th March at 9pm and are just £5. It’s so low-key that it’s not even featured on the Tobacco Factory Theatre website’s front page at the moment but booking is already open and tickets are available here…

For those who’ve seen Kitson before, that’s all the information you’ll need but if you want to know what you’re in for with this particular show, Where Once Was Wonder, here’s the blurb from his website:

Thirty Four years old, predictably fond of snacks, surprisingly capable at sport and increasingly uncertain about absolutely everything – Daniel Kitson – Comedian, Legend and Intermittent Tool –tries to work out what he actually thinks about things whilst demanding people pay money to watch.

A new stand-up comedy show about impossibility, change, not joining in, love, haircuts, loneliness, courage, defiance, knowledge, despondency, cutting the head off a pig, meaning, tattoos, obscenity, opinions, truth and something a Spanish footballer once said.*

*Other topics may be addressed in addition to or in place of the topics listed here.